Monday, November 10, 2008

Spitting, the cutest habit ever!

I know spitting is a nasty habit, but at 5 months I think it is the cutest thing. Here is a clip of Sophers showing off her new talent! (Don't mind the background noise. That would be my oldest daughter yelling my name from downstairs. I am trying to teach her the importance of coming to me to talk instead of yelling my name to get my attention). Needless to say we are still working on that!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hawaiian Chair

I got this from my cousins blog. All I can say is HILARIOUS! Check it out for a good laugh.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Maddie Mayhem

Here is Maddie, our "happy I'll give you a smile anytime" little girl. Notice her right pinkie in this picture. Maddie's Mayhem occurred the day before this picture was taken and instead of this beautiful smile, we had many o' tears. Maddie gave the van sliding door a push from the back (not the handle side) and got her pinkie completely shut in the door. I'll spare you the details. I'm sure your imagination can give you a detailed vision of the situation! We spend 5 hours at the doctors (waiting time, x-rays etc.) Maddie handled this horrible situation like a champ...get better soon Maddie!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had a wonderful Halloween. It was fun to watch the excitement on our kids faces and they put their costumes on and held tightly to the bag that would hold the mass amounts of candy they would receive in a matter of minutes. However, it didn't quite turn out as I expected. Most children run from house to house as fast as they can on Halloween night. Basic logic tells us that the more houses you go to the more candy you will receive. Right??? Madison understood this very well and loved knocking on doors, saying trick-or-treat and holding out her bag to receive candy. Kiley on the other hand was a different story. She lasted 10 houses and then said she was ready to go home. She said she had enough candy and wanted to go home to pass out candy to the other children. I was shocked! Madison of course wasn't finished with her candy collecting so Kiley, Sophie, and I went home while Anders took Madison around our neighborhood. I have never seen someone so excited to pass out candy. Kiley got more and more comfortable as the night went on. By the time the last visitor came to our door, Kiley was a pro. I sat on the couch and watched Kiley work her magic. It went something like this:

(knock, knock)

(Kiley opens the door with one hand while balancing the bowl of candy in the other hand)

Kids: Trick or Treat

(Kiley proceeds to place 1 piece of candy in each bag)

Thank you

Your welcome. Happy Halloween! (shutting the door with a huge smile on her face).

Kiley taught me a great lesson. Sometimes giving is truly greater then receiving!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Gotta love Trunk or Treating at the church...the sweet eating begins!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

One Down...19 More To Go

Kiley has wanted a loose tooth ever since she saw Kiley Benner's two missing teeth a year ago in preschool. Three weeks ago her wish was granted. Kiley was eating and complained that her tooth hurt. I figured she had some food stuck in between two teeth and asked her which tooth was hurting. She pointed to her bottom front tooth. I looked in her mouth and didn't notice anything unusual so I touched it. Her tooth moved every so slightly so I informed her that she had a loose tooth. She jumped for joy looking like this:

After wiggling and pushing her tooth for two weeks it was finally hanging by a thread. We were at Grandpa and Grandma Sandberg's house when the big tooth pulling event occurred. Aunt Leslie captured the moment.

Kiley is prepped and ready to put her tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy to find.

Kiley woke up the next morning saying, "I got a coin Mom, I got a coin from the tooth fairy!" One down...19 more to go!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Breakfast in Bed

On a rare occasion, Sophie will sleep in later then the girls. In these instances, Kiley or Maddie will come into my room and wake me up. I quietly whisper to them that Sophie is still sleeping and that mom is still very tired. I proceed to let them know that they have two choices. They can either lay in bed with me or quietly go downstairs to watch a cartoon. Today they decided to watch a cartoon. As I snuggled back in bed I fell asleep in 2.2 seconds. After a few minutes, I heard loud noises coming from downstairs. As I put on my frustrated "I'm trying to sleep" face on, I got out of bed and headed for downstairs. In the hallway I could hear voices at the bottom of the stairs. I looked over the edge to find Maddie and Kiley, each holding an edge of a cookie sheet tray. Placed on it was a spoon, glass of milk, and a bowl of multi gran Cheerios. I started to head back to bed to pretend I was still sleeping until I heard Maddie say, "Oh the glass of milk is slipping". I decided I better intervene before we had milky carpet issues. I helped the girls carry the tray up to my bed. What started out as a frustrated "I'm tired" face turned into " the biggest smile ever". Thanks girls for that special treat!